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Let me write your book

The world is full of people who wish they had a book, or sometimes actually need one.

Perhaps you've been dreaming of doing a book for years.

Perhaps you've even started this a few times, but you've come to realize that you lack the time and patience to do it on your own.

Do you want to write a book? Why?

  • Perhaps so you can leave a legacy so that people will remember who you were and what you accomplished?
  • Or create an effective business tool describing your products or services?
  • Or put into a permanent form the message that you want to get across to people?
  • Or just be an author with a book you are proud to show people?

Check out the information on this site and see if you want to talk to me about helping you with the book that you feel you really should write. Or call me at 925-864-3263.

I'm the person you need, with the experience, expertise, and attitude that you require. I'll put soul to your story.

I'll ghostwrite a 100 page book in five weeks for $10,000. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Here Are the Steps from Concept to Your Published Book (details may change depending upon author's needs):

  1. You pay 50% up-front ($5,000) for a 100-page project.
  2. I'll meet with you for three hours during which time you will describe the book you want to write.
  3. I will schedule a read through with you of the first 10-15 pages, plus show you a tentative outline.
    If we're not both convinced that we can do a great book together, I'll return $3,000.
  4. If the light is green then within the subsequent month I'll complete the 100 pages.
  5. At a final meeting we'll review all the pages.
    I'll make any required revisions and the final 50% payment will be made.
  6. If desired, I'll continue ghostwriting more pages at the rate of $100 per page, usually planning these in 50-page increments.
  7. I'll continue to provide client services, as necessary, to help move the manuscript towards publication.

Five Reasons Why I Should Write Your Book:

    I've got more than a dozen years experience as a professional ghostwriter.

    I've ghost-written everything from sexual advice for women to a book about the TCP/IP Internet Protocol Suite.

    I'll deliver a 100 page book for you in five weeks (six weeks, possibly, for 150 pages).

    I'll research the Internet and get as much information as you need.

    The CEO of the Quick2Publish corporation will consider any manuscript that I've prepared.

NOTE: If you want to do a much more substantial project — a much longer book and/or one suitable for the New York Times bestseller list, let's talk. I've got some ideas for you.

A BARGAIN: If we do a book together I'll show you a surefire way to get much of your money back without any work on your part.

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Updated May 31, 2009
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