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Sean McCauley
Author of DNA of the Young Entrepreneur.

Don told me that he was a ghostwriter who could write a good book on any topic. I had been thinking about writing a book and had a general idea that I wanted it to be a values-based how-to kind of book teaching others the lessons that my experiences had taught me. Beyond that I had no idea what I was actually asking for.

Don not only worked with me to determine what kind of content we should have, but he wrote a great book. For example, we identified 39 principles that entrepreneurs should follow and, for each one, he created a mini-lesson with several todos that would help drive the principle home for any serious reader.

With only a minimum impact upon my busy life, Don was able to write exactly the book that I would have wanted to write if I were a professional writer. He told me when we started that he would do that, but I can't imagine how he managed to actually pull it off.

Gerry Mauldin
Author of Pantihose Parenting.

If I had a dollar bill for every time someone told me that I should write a book and share with others my life experiences and the lessons that I've been able to learn from those experiences, I think I would have enough money to buy my husband and me a nice meal in a restaurant with a menu written in French.

There's a wide space between wishing to write a book and actually writing one. Fortunately, I found Don Huntington who, with very little effort on my part, filled that space completely. He enabled me to write the book of my dreams. And he did it in just two months!

Don simply listened carefully to the rambling accounts of my life and of the things that I had learned and then somehow assembled them in a book in which every sentence seemed to have flowed out of my brain, though his fingers, and onto the printed page.

He told me that he would write the book I would have written if I were a professional writer. I don't know how he pulled it off, but I'm so grateful that he did so.

Dr. Duane Schnittker
Author of Farm Boy and Veterinarian.

I enjoyed telling people the stories of my childhood growing up on a Kansas farm plus talking about the animals and their owners that I met during more than three decades as a veterinarian. It seemed that people enjoyed listening to me talk and on a number of occasions listeners would tell me that I should write a book.

For years I thought about writing the account of my life and began making notes about the things that I would include. Wishing to write a book and actually writing one that people would ever read are two different things. Fortunately, my wife Sue got me connected with Don Huntington and in only a couple months he wrote the narrative that I had wanted to write.

It was an amazing process to watch the book unfold from week to week. Apparently without much effort, Don managed to pull off a trick that seemed impossible — to write my stories exactly as I would have wished to write them myself if I possessed the ability to do so.

John Slatten
Author of I'm John Slatten.

For a number of years I've had the realization that if I didn't make some kind of record of the life I've lived, the things I've discovered, and the insights I've come to then the stories, discoveries, and insights would eventually be lost.

I'm grateful that Don Huntington had the patience to listen to the things that I had to say, the wisdom to understand what I actually intended, and the talent to write them down in a lively style that encourages people actually to read them.

It's been a relief of some kind to know that the account of my life and thoughts has now been preserved for the generations that will follow me.

Linda Edwards
Coauthor of Lessons Momma Never Taught.

Don Huntington would listen to the rambling and raucous comments we three women were making about boys, our sexual experiences, insights we had, and problems we faced. Then he would come back, sometimes only a few hours later, with the most wonderful chapters!

He didn't merely write down what we said; he wrote what we would have said if we knew how to put our feelings and experiences into words.

It was amazing! Sometimes Nicole, Danielle, and I would burst out laughing with delight at how perfectly Don was able to capture what we meant by what we said.

He was able perfectly to write exactly what we would have written if we were professional writers.

Bill Bristow
Author of I'm Bill Bristow

People have been telling me for years that I should write a book about my life, family, and about the things I learned.

I never imagined how I could undertake such a project until Don Huntington ghostwrote an article about me in his 110 Magazine. The article was fine beyond my imaginations or even expectations, so I hired him to write my book. Together we told the story of my life.

I'm not a professional writer, but somehow Don was able to exactly capture the grammar, vocabulary, and content exactly as I imagine I would have written it if I could write on a professional level.

It was a joy to put the book together with Don. The sessions were pleasant; we did a lot of laughing together. I can hardly believe how efficient he was in putting the book together in a remarkable short period of time with little need for correction, editing, and rewriting.

Regina Theobald
Author of Overcoming Repetitive Patterns that Destroy Relationships.

I had a book burning in my heart for six years, but every time I tried to write it I realized that I was lacking in a sense of how the book should be organized, and how the sentences should flow.

Don Huntington came into that frustrating project like a creative whirlwind — immediately understanding my goals and writing sentences and pages that exactly caught my meaning and intentions.

It was like he could read my mind. I heard my thoughts coming back to me in exaclty the kinds of language that I had been groping for over the previous six years.

The perfection of his sentences and paragraphs sometimes moved me to tears as he read them because, while they were so far beyond what I had expected they were precisely what I would have asked for if I had known what I wanted.

It's like Don could read my thoughts.

Barbra Alexander
Author of We Shouldn’t Take This Anymore.

I wanted to write a book about some of the problems going on in the U.S. I didn't have time to do the research and writing. Don Huntington listened to my ideas, researched the topics, and in five weeks created the book that I had been thinking about for a number of years.

I'm pretty sure that Don disagrees with some of the ideas in my book, but he was able to understand what I wanted and to create a manuscript that that exactly contained the words I meant to write and not at all what he would have wanted me to say.

By means of his thorough Internet research, Don was able to discover some things that I hadn't known about — and I'm a specialist on some of these topics.

He wrote exactly what I would have said had I known what he had discovered about the particular topic.

Don was like a chameleon in the way that he could adapt his style and thinking to my own. It was amazing!

I started him on a second book as soon as he had the first one done.

Jim White
Author of A Life Worth the Living.

I've worked with a number of ghostwriters and this was the most incredible experience of its kind I ever had.

I never told the story of my life and didn't actually intend to tell it this time. Don just let me talk and then came back with such a well-told tale that I almost immediately hired him to expand the story into a book. In a single month he completed a great account of my life that I expect will be on the NY Times bestseller list.

Don never exaggerated or stretched the truth in any way; he simply took my words, transformed them into a work of literary art, and read back to me my story just as I would have chosen to tell it if I had possessed the ability.

It was like he was a mind-reader who could find true meanings behind the words that I actually spoke.

Dan Shafer
Author of more than 50 books

I have known Don Huntington for more than 25 years. As a long-time journalist and writer, I can say with great assurance that nobody I've ever met or known is better at interviewing, capturing the voice of the interviewee, and accurately conveying the sense of the interview. If you need a writer who can interview people, extract the real story and convey it understandably regardless of how complex it might be, you need Don Huntington. I've published over 50 books but if I were to approach another and wanted a ghostwriter, I'd trust Don completely and unhesitatingly.

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