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About me

My partner and I started our Northern California lifestyle publication, 110° Magazine, in 2003.

I was the Editor In Chief. My partner, the Publisher, asked me where we would be able to get writers. I said,

Listen! I can interview people, ghostwrite the article they would have written, and read it back to them for final editing in much less time than we could get anyone to meet article deadlines, providing copy that we can use without a lot of editing.

And I was right. Over the subsequent years I have personally written most of the copy for each issue of the magazine.

In 2006 we started another magazine for the Monterey Peninsula, called 65°, and I wrote and ghostwrote most of the copy for that magazine, as well.

Everybody's good at something and I've got a gift for getting inside other's people's minds, ideas, and narratives and then writing articles and books that they would have written if they had possessed the time and talent to write.

I discovered and developed my talent while working for 25 years as a Communications Specialist with high tech companies in California's Silicon Valley.

I learned to make engineers sound good and to make technical concepts interesting and understandable. I created a series of internal engineering newsletters, ghostwriting articles for engineers that everybody loved even though I was writing highly technical articles about topics that I had no knowledge of whatsover.

I can write in an interesting manner on any topic for any client.

That seems like a boast. However, some of the those engineers were pretty confused about what they were trying to get across and I made all of them look good.

So I refuse to qualify my boast until I find the need to do so.

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Updated August 17, 2009
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